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Chronological list of publications of Plasma Physics department & PHELIX:

Publications PP in 2000

  1. A. Blazevic et al.

    Charge-state changing processes for Ne ions passing through thin carbon foils

    Physical Review A 61(3) (2000)


  3. P. Faucher, N. Peyraud-Cuenca, F.B. Rosmej

    Effect of a highly energetic electron beam on the electron distribution function in a hot dense plasma.Application to an argon plasma

    Journal of Plasma Physics 63/3, pp. 255-267, 2000


  5. D.H.H. Hoffmann et al.

    Plasma physics with intense laser and ion beams

    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 161-163, pp. 9-18 (2000)


  7. U. Neuner et al.

    Shaping of Intense Ion Beams into Hollow Cylindrical Form

    Physical Review Letters, 85/21, 2000, pp. 4518-4521


  9. G. Pretzler, Th. Schlegel, E. Fill, D. Eder

    Hot-electron generation in copper and photopumping of cobalt

    Physical Review E 61(4), 2000


  11. F.B. Rosmej et al.

    X-ray emission of hollow ions in dense plasmas created with high intensity lasers

    RIKEN Review 31, pp. 42-44, November 2000


  13. F.B. Rosmej et al.

    X-ray radiation from ions with K-shell vacancies

    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 65 (2000), pp. 477-499


  15. F.B. Rosmej

    The Heβ emission in dense non-Maxwellian plasmas

    Journal of Physics B 33(1), L1-L9, 2000


  17. F.B. Rosmej et al.

    Charge-exchange-induced formation of hollow atoms in high intensity laser-produced plasmas

    Journal of Physics B: At.Mol.Opt.Phys. 32 L107-L117, 2000


  19. M. Roth et al.

    Energy loss of heavy ions in laser-produced plasmas

    Europhysics Letters 50(1), pp. 28-34 (A2000)


  21. S. Stöwe et al.

    Heavy-ion-induced hydrodynamic motion in lead targets

    Laser and Particle Beams, 18(4), 2000, pp. 573-581


  23. N.A. Tahir et al.

    Creation of strongly coupled plasmas using intense beams of 400 MeV/u uranium ions to be generated at the Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI) Darmstadt SIS-200

    Physics of Plasmas 7(11) November 2000


  25. N.A. Tahir et al.

    Equation-of-state properties of high-energy-density matter using intense heavy ion beams with an annular focal spot

    Physical Review E 62(1), pp. 1224-1233, 2000


  27. N.A. Tahir et al.

    Shock compression of condensed matter using intense beams of energetic heavy ions

    Physical Review E 61(2), pp.1975-1980, February 2000