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In August 2020, Dr. Frieder Koch joined the materials research group as a beamline scientist for the M-branch. With a background in X-ray optics and nanofabrication, he has worked on experiments at numerous international large scale research facilities, most recently as a postdoc in a collaboration between the Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute and the French Synchrotron Soleil. At GSI, he focuses on online, multimodal experiments involving diffraction and spectroscopy on materials under swift heavy ion irradiation.


 In August, Zeiss installed our new Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (Gemini 500) in the materials research department. Images of our nanostructures with resolution in the range of 1 nm are possible.

Congratulation to our recent PhDs

2015 May - SHIM in Darmstadt

The conference, which took place in Darmstadt this year, brought together almost 180 scientists from more than 20 countries. During four days the participants discussed recent insights into the complex processes occurring when high-energy ions interact with matter. The program covered basic and applied research including topics such as radiation effects in many different solids, beam-induced material modifications, radiation biology, as well as nanotechnology, atomic physics, and plasma physics with ion beams. The conference was organized by the Materials Research department of GSI.

2015 May - Kurt Schwartz

At the occasion of his 85th birthday, Prof. Kurt Schwartz was honored in recognition of his outstanding scientific work and lifetime achievements in radiation physics.

2015 May - SHIM Poster award

On Wednesday, 20 May 2015, Julian Amani (Univ. Göttingen), Jacob Shamblin (Univ Tennessee), Florian Meinerzhagen (Univ. Duisburg-Essen), and Anne Spende (TU Darmstadt) received awards for best posters presented at the 9th International Symposium on Swift Heavy Ions in Matter, SHIM 2015. The awards sponsored by Pantechnik are endowed with 100 Euro each.

2014 November -- Herzlichen Glückwunsch Katharina

Katharina Kupka (GSI Materialforschung & TU Darmstadt) und Ralf-Arno Tripolt (TU Darmstadt) erhielten den diesjährigen Preis der HGS-HIRe Graduiertenschule für herausragende Leistungen im Rahmen ihrer Promotionsarbeit. Die Auszeichnung wurde während der HGS-HIRe Graduate Days auf Gut Hühnerhof in Gründau durch Prof. H. Büsching verliehen.

Katharina Kupka ist Materialwissenschaftlerin und derzeit in ihrem dritten Promotionsjahr. Sie untersucht Ionenstrahlen induzierte Effekte wie Strukturveränderungen und Strahlenschäden in kohlenstoffbasierten Stripperfolien unter extremen Bestrahlungsbedingungen wie sie künftig bei FAIR erwartet werden.

Wir gratulieren beiden Preisträgern ganz herzlich.

2012 August -- Experiments on interstelar ice

Ices (H2O, CO, CO2, NH3, ..) are omnipresent in space (comets, moons of giant planets, dust grains in dense clouds, the birthplaces of stars) and exposed to cosmic rays, which in turn induce radiolysis (fragmentation of initial molecules, formation of radicals, synthesis of complex, even pre-biotic molecules such as amino acids). We study the specific effects induced by the heavy ion fraction of cosmic rays by infrared absorption spectroscopy (allows to follow molecule destruction and synthesis) and mass spectroscopy of sputtered particles. A first test experiment was successfully conducted at GSI M-branch with two different charge states of Ti irradiation CO2.

2012 April -- Herzliche Glückwünsche Bea!

Dr. Beatrice Schuster erhält den Preis der Vereinigung von Freunden der Technischen Universität zu Darmstadt e.V. für hervorragende wissenschaftliche Leistungen während ihrer Dissertation „Oxide ceramics under extreme pressure and radiation conditions“.

2012 Februar -- Congratulations Bea!!

Dr. Beatrice Schuster erhält den Gerhard Herzberg Forschungspreis 2012 für ihre Dissertation "Oxide ceramics under extreme pressure and irradiation conditions".