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8th SPARC Workshop Moscow
Sept., 05-10, 2011
Talk from S. Hagmann on the Workshop

SPARC Theory Group Meeting at GSI
July, 17-18, 2007
Talks of the Workshop

SPARC Workshop in Paris, France
February, 12-15, 2007
Presentations given on the workshop

Workshop Presentations from the SPARC Collaboration Meeting
October 29-30, 2004

2nd International Workshop on the Future Accelerator Facility for Beams of Ions and Antiprotons:
October, 14-17, 2003
Presentations given on the workshop

Atomic Physics at GSI: An Outlook
T. Stöhlker GSI-Darmstadt, Universität Frankfurt
{Workshop on Atomic Physics Research at the Future GSI Facility}
December 9-10, 2002

Atomic Physics at the New International Accelerator Facility at GSI in Darmstadt
A. Warczak Jagiellonian University, Institute of Physics.
{Polish German Meeting on the New International Accelerator Facility at Darmstadt}

Status and Perspectives of Atomic Physics Research at GSI: The new GSI Accelerator Project (Preprint)
Published in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 205 (2003) 156-161