This document guides newcomers who are arriving at CRYRING@ESR with general instruction in easy to follow steps through all formalities to get access to the GSI campus and the cave area.

Entrance Requirements

To be able to work in the controlled areas of GSI - as CRYRING@ESR is one - you need to fulfill a couple of criteria. The details of these criteria and the procedures you have to pass are described on the pages of the radioprotection department in detail:

In order to safely work in and around the CRYRING@ESR experimental area you need to take the following online courses additionally to the standard ones:

  • Instructions for access to the AEBs (Enclosed Electrical Operating Areas)
  • Special Safety Instructions: CRYRING@ESR

As a GSI employee you can find these courses along with the other online safety instructions. If they are not listed please ask your supervisor to assign them to you.

As an external employee or a guest you can access all the available courses here.

In case you want to work at CRYRING@ESR and install, test, alter or remove equipment, you have to fill an application for a work permit. This application has to be forwarded to the responsable safety officer (STV, F. Herfurth, deputy M. Lestinsky) for approval. The safety officer will decide wich areas and equipment have to be set into a safe mode and which additional measures have to be taken for safe working. Only works related to active and approved permits are allowed.

A list of all available forms is here on the pages of the GSI safety department. There is the general work permit form F 9 (pdf, doc) and a form F 18 (pdf, doc) for hot work like welding, grinding etc. If the work is carried out by an external company it requires the form F 17 (which has an online form available here).