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Selected list of publications


Title Authors Reference
Measurements of proton-induced reaction rates on radioactive isotopes for the astrophysical p process R. Reifarth et. al. GSI Proposal E127 ASTRUm
Measurement of the bound-state beta decay of bare 205Tl ions ٓYu. A. Litvinov et. al. GSI Proposal E121 ASTRUm


Title Authors Reference
Intensity-sensitive and position-resolving cavity for heavy-ion storage rings X. Chen, M. S. Sanjari et. al. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A V826 (2016) pp 39–47
Indirect mass determination for the neutron-deficient nuclides 44V, 48Mn, 52Co and 56Cu ٓX. L. Tu et. al. Nucl. Phys. A V945 (2016) pp 89-94


Title Authors Reference
Conceptual design of elliptical cavities for intensity and position sensitive beam measurements in storage rings M. S. Sanjari et. al. Phys. Scr. T166 (2015) 014060
Study of projectile fragmentation reaction with isochronous mass spectrometry X. L. Tu et. al. Phys. Scripta T166 (2015)
Between atomic and nuclear physics: radioactive decays of highly-charged ions D. Atanasov et. al. J. Phys. B V48 (2015) N 14


Title Authors Reference
A timing detector with pulsed high-voltage power supply for mass measurements at CSRe W. Zhang et. al. Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A V755 (2014) pp 38-43
Time-of-flight detectors with improved timing performance for isochronous mass measurements at the CSRe W. Zhang et. al. Nucl. Instrum. Meth A V756 (2014) pp 1-5
A survey of Coulomb displacement energies and questions on the anomalous behavior in the upper fp-shell X. L. Tu et. al. J. Phys. G V41 (2014) N2
Charge and frequency resolved isochronous mass spectrometry and the mass of 51-Co P. Shuai et. al. Phys. Lett. B V735 (2014) pp327-331
Origin of odd-even staggering in fragment yields: Impact of nuclear pairing and shell structure on the particle-emission threshold energy B. Mei et. al. Phys. Rev. C 89 (2014) 054612