Welcome to the Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Department

The LINAC Department operates the heart of the GSI-Accelerator Facility,  the Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator UNILAC. In terms of scheduled upgrades of the facility the UNILAC has to be modified and enhanced by the LINAC Department to meet the new requirements. A strategy for developing a 70 MeV linear accelerator for high intensity proton beams is being worked out. Also the LINAC Department is involved in the HICAT (ion beam facility for cancer therapy), decelerator for HITRAP and the UNILAC-Upgrade-Program for SHE.


Universal Linear Accelerator (UNILAC)

Department Head

Dr. Lars Groening

Email: La.Groening(at)gsi.de
Tel: 06159-71-2344
Loc: BR1.2.138


Department Head (Deputy)

Dr. Sascha Mickat

Email: S.Mickat.(at)gsi.de
Tel: 06159-71-1600
Loc: BR1.2.137