EMMI Workshops


EMMI Workshop
Strong interaction physics of heavy flavors
Jan 14-20, 2024, Hirschegg, Austria

EMMI Workshop
Probing dense baryonic matter with hadrons II: FAIR Phase-0
Feb 19-21, 2024, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

EMMI Workshop
Aspects of Criticality
Apr/May 2024, U Wroclaw, Poland


EMMI Workshop
Effective field theories for nuclei and nuclear matter
Jan 15-23, 2023, Hirschegg, Austria

EMMI Workshop
4th Workshop on Anti-Matter, Hyper-Matter and Exotica Production at the LHC
Feb 13-17, 2023, Bologna, Italy

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Nuclear and particle physics on a quantum computer: Where do we stand now?
Jun 5-9, 2023, Trento, Italy

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Machine Learning for Lattice Field Theory and Beyond
Jun 26-30, 2023, Trento, Italy

EMMI Workshop

Bound states and particle interactions in the 21st century
Jul 3-6, 2023, Trieste, Italy 

EMMI Physics Day
Jul 17, 2023, Darmstadt, Germany

EMMI Workshop
Functional Methods in Strongly Correlated Systems (FUNSCS2023)
Sep 10-15, 2023, Hirschegg, Austria

EMMI Workshop
Forward Physics in ALICE 3
Oct 18-20, 2023, Heidelberg, Germany

EMMI Workshop
Towards a Vacuum Birefringence Experiment at the Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields
Oct 26-28, 2023, Jena/Dresden, Germany

EMMI Collaboration Meeting
Nuclear astrophysics at storage rings (NUCAR)
postponed, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany



EMMI Workshop
Half an EMMI Day
Feb 2, 2022, online

EMMI Workshop
100 Years of Nuclear Isomers
May 2-4, 2022, Harnack House, Berlin, Germany

IReNA Workshop
JINA-CEE Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics
May 23-27, 2022, South Bend, IN, USA

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop

Connections between cold atoms and nuclear matter: From low to high energies
Jun 6-10, 2022, Trento, Italy / online

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Neutron Stars as Multi-Messenger Laboratories for Dense Matter

Jun 20-24, 2022, Trento, Italy / online

EMMI Workshop
HITRAP Facility and Experiments - Status and Future Perspectives
Jul 17-20, 2022, Eisenach, Germany

EMMI Workshop
Long-Range Interactions in Quantum Systems
Sep 6-9, 2022, Innsbruck, Austria

EMMI Workshop
Meson and Hyperon Interactions with Nuclei
Sep 14-16, 2022, Kitzbuehel, Austria

EMMI Workshop
New Vistas in Photon Physics in Heavy-ion Collisions
Sep 19-22, 2022, AGH, Krakow, Poland

EMMI & IReNA Workshop
Remnants of neutron-star mergers - connecting hydrodynamics models to nuclear, neutrino, and kilonova physics
Oct 17-20, 2022, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

EMMI Workshop
Accurate relativistic treatment of multi-electron atoms and applications to Super-Heavy elements
Oct 24-26, 2022, Paris, France

EMMI Workshop
2nd International Symposium on Clustering as a Window on the Hierarchical Structure of Quantum Systems (CLUSHIQ2022)
Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2022, Sendai International Center, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan / online

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Key Reactions in Nuclear Astrophysics (KRINA)
Dec 12-16, 2022, Trento, Italy


EMMI Workshop
Experimental and theoretical status of and perspectives for XYZ states
Apr 12-15, 2021, online

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Nuclear Physics Meets Condensed Matter: Symmetry, Topology, and Gauge
Jul 19-23, 2021, ECT*, Trento, Italy

EMMI Workshop
New avenues for the low-energy NUSTAR program at GSI-FAIR
Sep 16-17, 2021, GSI, Darmstadt/online

EMMI Workshop
Interdisciplinary Workshop on Supersolidity
Sep 20-22, 2021, Trento, Italy

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Exploring high-muB matter with rare probes
Oct 11-15, 2021, Trento, Italy


EMMI Workshop
Nuclear equation of state and neutron stars
Jan 12-18, 2020, Hirschegg, Austria

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Determination of the Absolute Electron (anti)-neutrino Mass
Feb 10-14, 2020, ECT*, Trento, Italy


EMMI Workshop
Central exclusive production at the LHC
Feb 6, 2019, U Heidelberg

  • publication related to the workshop:
    C. Ewerz, O. Nachtmann, R. Schicker
    Central exclusive production at the LHC: Remarks by the organisers on an EMMI workshop 

EMMI Workshop
Probing dense baryonic matter with hadrons: Status and Perspective
Feb 11-13, 2019, GSI Darmstadt

EMMI Workshop
Probing the Phase Structure of Strongly Interacting Matter: Theory and Experiment
Mar 25-29, 2019, GSI, Darmstadt

EMMI Workshop
Functional Methods in Strongly Correlated Systems
Mar 31-Apr 7, 2019, Darmstädter Haus, Hirschegg, Austria

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
High-energy physics at ultra-cold temperatures
June 10-14, 2019, ECT*, Trento, Italy

ECT* -EMMI/GSI Workshop
Simulating gravitation and cosmology in condensed matter and optical systems
July 22-25, 2019, ECT*, Trento, Italy

EMMI Physics Day 2019
Nov 19, 2019, GSI, Darmstadt

EMMI Workshop
3rd workshop on anti-matter, hyper-matter and exotica production at the LHC
Dec 2-6, 2019, University of Wroclaw, Poland


EMMI Workshop
Constraining QCD Phase Boundary with data from Heavy Ion Collisons
Feb 12-14, 2018, GSI, Darmstadt

EMMI / JINA-CEE Workshop
Nuclear astrophysics at storage rings and recoil separators
Mar 13-15, 2018, GSI, Darmstadt

EMMI Workshop
Structures-EMMI-IWH Symposium
Beyond Digital Computing: The power of quantum and neural networks
Mar 19-21, 2018, IWH, Heidelberg

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Foundational aspects of relativistic hydrodynamics
May 7-11, 2018, Trento, Italy

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Probing QCD at the high energy frontier
May 21-25, 2018, Trento, Italy

EMMI Workshop
Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) at the Extremes (ISNET-6)
Oct 8-12, 2018 TU Darmstadt

EMMI Physics Day 2018
Nov 20, 2018, GSI, Darmstadt


ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
QCD challenges in pp, pA and AA collisons at high energies
Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017, Trento, Italy

EMMI Workshop
From few to many: Exploring quantum systems one atom at a time
Apr 10-13, 2017, Obergurgl, Austria

EMMI Workshop
International EMMI Workshop on Plasma Physics at FAIR
Jun 21-23, 2017, GSI, Darmstadt

EMMI Collaboration Meeting
SAMURAI International Collaboration Workshop
Aug 8-11, 2017, Lichtenberghaus, Darmstadt

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Functional Methods in Hadron and Nuclear Physics
Aug 21-25, 2017, Trento, Italy

EMMI Workshop
Challenges in Photon induced Interactions
Sep 6-8, 2017, Cracow, Poland

EMMI Workshop
Critical fluctuations near the QCD phase boundary in relativistic nuclear collisions
Oct 10-14, 2017, Wuhan, China

EMMI Workshop
2nd workshop on anti-matter, hyper-matter and exotica production at the LHC
Nov 6-11, 2017, Turin, Italy

EMMI Physics Day 2017
Nov 28, 2017, GSI, Darmstadt


International EMMI Workshop on Plasma Physics at FAIR
July 11-13, 2016, GSI, Darmstadt

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop QCD at LHC: Forward Physics and UPC Collisions of Heavy Ions
Sep 26-30, 2016, Trento, Italy

HI Jena / EMMI Miniworkshop
Atomic Physics with (super) Heavy Atoms and Ions
Oct 26, 2016, Jena

ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Gauge Topology: From Lattice to Colliders
Nov 07-11, 2016, Trento, Italy

EMMI Physics Day 2016
Nov 15, 2016, GSI, Darmstadt


Physics Prospects at Flair -The Facility for Low-Energy Antiproton and Ion Research
May 3-4, 2012, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

Relaxation, Turbulence, and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Matter Fields
- From Quantum Fluids to High-Energy Physics -

Jun 21–24, 2012,  Internationales Wissenschaftsforum der Universität Heidelberg (IWH), Germany

Quark-Gluon Plasma meets Cold Atoms, Episode III
Aug 25-31, 2012, Hirschegg, Austria

The 229mTh Nuclear Isomer Clock
Sep 25 - 27, 2012, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

Dense Baryonic Matter in the Cosmos and the Laboratory
Oct 11-12, 2012, Tübingen, Germany

EMMI-JINA Workshop Nuclear Physics Processes in Dynamic High Energy Density Plasmas
Oct 13-17, 2012, GSI, Darmstadt & London Center of the University of Notre Dame (JINA)

EMMI Physics Days
Nov 13-14, 2012, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany


Jan 11, 2011, Frankfurt, Germany

Fourth EMMI workshop on Plasma Physics with Intense Heavy Ion and Laser Beams
May 2-4, 2011, Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Haus, Darmstadt, Germany

Finite-Temperature Non-Equilibrium Superfluid Systems - FINESS 2011
Sep 18-21, 2011, IWH, Heidelberg, Germany

Quarkonia in Deconfined Matter
Sep 28-30, 2011, Acitrezza/Catania, Italy

Nucleosynthesis beyond iron and the lighter element primary process
Oct. 10-12, 2011, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

Nonlinear Dynamics of Simple Quantum Systems at Extreme Temperatures and Intensities
Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2011, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

EMMI Physics Days
Nov. 7-8, 2011, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

Opportunities for Nuclear Astrophysics in Space
Dec 7-8, 2011, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany


String Theory and Extreme Matter
Mar 15-20, 2010, Heidelberg, Germany

Plasma Physics with Intense Laser and Heavy Ion Beams
May 20-21, 2010, Moscow, Russia

X-Rays as a Tool for Probing Extreme States of Matter
Jun 7-9, 2010, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

Second EMMI-EFES workshop on neutron-rich exotic nuclei EENEN 10 Neutron-rich nuclear matter - nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics
Jun 16-18, 2010, Tokyo, Japan

Quarkonium and deconfined matter in the LHC era
Jun 16-19, 2010, Martina Franca, Italy

Physics Prospects at the ESR and HITRAP
Jun 27-30, 2010, Eisenach, Germany

Neutron Matter in Astrophysics: From Neutron Stars to the r-Process
July 15-18, 2010, Darmstadt, Germany

HOT MATTER - Quasiparticles or Quasinormal Modes
Aug 24-28, 2010, ESI, Vienna, Austria

Particle Dynamics under Extreme Matter Conditions
Sep 26-29, 2010, Speyer, Germany

EMMI Physics Days
Nov 4-5, 2010, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

Strongly Coupled Systems
Nov 15-17, 2010, GSI Darmstadt, Germany

Structure Functions, Geometric Scaling and Parton Saturation: Assessment and Perspectives for the LHC
Nov 22-24, 2010, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany


First EMMI-EFES workshop on neutron-rich exotic nuclei EENEN 09,
Feb 9-11, 2009, Darmstadt, Germany

Phase Transitions in Particle, Nuclear and Condensed Matter Systems
Feb 18-20, 2009, Münster, Germany

Plasma Physics with Intense Laser and Heavy Ion Beams,
May 14-15, 2009, Moscow, Russia

Three Days of Strong Interactions,
Jul 9 - 11, 2009, Wroclaw, Poland

Quark-Gluon Plasma meets Cold Atoms - Episode II,
Aug 3-8, 2009, Riezlern, Austria

Virtual Bremsstrahlung and HADES
Aug 12, 2009, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Quarks, Hadrons and the Phase Diagram of QCD,
Aug 31-Sep. 03, 2009, St. Goar, Germany

FAIR Lattice QCD Days
Nov 23-24, 2009, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany