Upcoming Events

Direct-Photon Puzzle
April 6-9, 2020, Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg
Organizers: A. Marin, K. Reygers, J. Stachel


EMMI Workshop
Accurate relativistic treatment of multi-electron atoms and applications to Super-Heavy elements
Apr 20-22, 2020, Paris, France
Organizers: P. Indelicato, P. Schwerdtfeger


EMMI Workshop
Interdisciplinary Workshop on Supersolidity
May 25-27, 2020, Trento, Italy
Organizers: F. Ferlaino, A. Recati, S. Stringari


ECT*-EMMI/GSI Workshop
Nuclear Physics Meets Condensed Matter: Symmetry, Topology, and Gauge
June 10-14, 2020, ECT*, Trento, Italy
Organizers: A. Gezerlis,  A. Roggero, C. Sa de Melo

Collaboration Meeting
Nuclear Astrophysics with Storage Rings (NUCAR)
2 or 2.5 days in Feb/Mar 2020, GSI
Organizers: Y.A. Litvinov, K. Blaum, P.J. Woods, R. Reifarth


EMMI Workshop
Aspects of Criticality
July 27 - Aug 1, 2020, U Wroclaw, Poland
Organizers: F. Karsch, K. Redlich, H. Satz, L. Turko


EMMI Workshop

Bound states and particle interactions in the 21st century
Sep 7 - 11, 2020, Trieste, Italy 

Organizers: B. Dönigus, R. Lea, J. Mares, S. Piano