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Terms of Use

 (internal access, in German only) Bibliotheks- und Benutzungsordnung (Stand 1.3.2006)


Information to the usage of electronic GSI campus licenses (e.g. e-journals & reference databases)

When you use the electronic campus licenses at GSI you have to consider the legal licenses, the usage terms and the copyrights laws. In particular you are not allowed to give journal articles to third parties outside the GSI (persons at other institute, spin-off companies etc.).  Authorized users are allowed to use electronic articles etc. for their own research (e.g. to look at the resources, to print and to download single articles). Systematic downloads from whole issues are strictly forbidden. Generally not allowed is the storage of articles, images or parts of it on group storage devices, in databases, at websites (e.g. social media like ResearchGate), etc.

More information to copyright: (internal access WebLogin)

Where can I find the legal terms and conditions?
Look at the e-journal and database websites. The library and the legal department can help you.

What can I do, if the legal terms restrict my scientific work and cooperation with external scientists?
You can publish open access (more information: ) and make use of creative commons If sign a copyright transfer, you can try to restrict some parts of the transfer to the publisher. E.g. you could add this sentence into your author contract: “The Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung shall be entitled to make the article freely accessible to the general public on the institute's server 6 months after  publication of the article (alternative: at the time of publication).”