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Status of the Go4 Project

Milestones of Go4 development
Event Date Description
Release v5.3 March 5th, 2018 Consoldiation and adjustments for most recent ROOT versions
Release v5.2 January 9th, 2017 GUI user command buttons, consolidation and bugfixes
Release v5.1 March 17th, 2016 Python scripting in analysis and GUI terminals
Release v5.0 June 25th, 2015 Support of ROOT 6 and Qt5; full GUI control via HTTP server in analysis task, webclient browser GUI
Release v4.6 November, 2013 Provide webserver in go4analysis for monitoring and control (with DABC libs); several GUI improvements
Release v4.5 August, 2011 Updated composite event functionality for CBM testbeam
Release v4.4 November, 2009 Improved analysis runtime environment; native Qt4 GUI
Release v4.1 October, 2008 DABC support, bugfixes, adjusted for Qt 4.4.x
Release v4.0 February, 2008 Port of Go4 GUI to Qt4 library (Qt 4.3.x only)
Release v3.3 May, 2007 Consolidation and bugfixes
Release v3.1 May, 2006 GUI macro command line and scripting
Release v3.0 November, 2005 GUI object manager redesign, Go4 communication in plain ROOT session, Go4 Windows XP binary release
Release v2.10 June, 2005 Taskhandler redesign, analysis server
Release v2.9 February, 2005 Consolidation, bugfixes, user requirements
Release v2.8 September, 2004
Production release v2.5 December, 2003 Many requirements from users implemented
First public release v2.0 November, 2002
First release v.1.0 in May, 2002 Redesign of GUI, analysis steps, complex events
Implementation Phase 1 2001-2002 Multitask-Multithread, GUI system with Qt, Basic Event
Prototype 2001 Multitask-Multithread
Analysis of available tools 1999-2000 ROOT, Together, Sniff++
Definition of user requirements 1998-1999

The Go4 developers

Current development and maintenance:
Jörn Adamczewski-Musch 1337 home

Analysis framework, thread manager, task handler, GUI (Qt),webgui

Sergey Linev 1338 home

GUI (Qt), V3 Object manager, Fit package, Windows XP/7 implementation, webserver, webGUI

Sven Augustin (MPI HD)

Python skripting (2015-)



Former project leader (1999-2010)

Contributions to Go4 Version 2 (until 2004):

Mohammad Al-Turany home QtROOT interface, GUI (Qt)
Denis Bertini home QtROOT interface, composite event classes, event display (GL)
Marc Hemberger   ROOT Thread classes, Go4 thread manager, first GUI prototype (1999-2000)

Archive of the Go4 project


Talks and publications:

DVEE palaver 2001

Go4 Event Classes


Author: J. Adamczewski Date: Dec 2001 Distribution: ppt 


ROOT 2001 Workshop



Author: M. Al-Turany 



Date: Jun 2001 Distribution: ppt 


QtROOT: Qt Interface to ROOT


Author: D. Bertini 



Date: Jun 2001 Distribution: ppt 



Text tag: Go4, production


IEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (submitted)

Go4 Multitasking


Author: J. Adamczewski, M. Al-Turany, D. Bertini, H.G. Essel, M. Hemberger, N. Kurz, M. Richter 



Date: Jun 2001 



Distribution: PDF 



Text tag: Go4, production


GSI Report 2000

Report about status of Go4


Author: J. Adamczewski, H.G. Essel, H. Göringer, M. Hemberger, N. Kurz, M. Richter 



Date: Jul 2001 



Distribution: PDF 



Text tag: Go4, production


ROOT 2000 Workshop

Go4 Status (Function Prototype)


Author: J. Adamczewski, H.G. Essel, M. Hemberger 



Date: Feb 2000 



Distribution: PPT 



Text tag: Go4, production


GSI Report 1999

Report about status of Go4


Author: J. Adamczewski, H.G. Essel, H. Göringer, M. Hemberger, N. Kurz, M. Richter 



Date: Feb 2000 



Distribution: PDF 



Text tag: Go4, prototype


Using the root TThread classes

Report about tests and modifications


Author: J. Adamczewski, M. Hemberger 



Date: July 1999 



Distribution: HTML 



Text tag: ROOT, threads


New Data Analysis Software at GSI

First draft of user requirements


Author: H.Essel 



Date: June 1998 



Distribution: doc (128 kB), HTML, Graph 



Text tag: Requirement


LEA Proposal

Status and possible Upgrades of LEA


Author: H.Essel 



Date: August 1998 



Distribution: doc (128 kB), HTML 



Text tag: LEA, Analysis


GO4 User Requirements Document, Version 2.01

Document defining the user requirements for the GO4 development
including priorities given by the users


Author: H.Essel, N. Kurz, M. Richter 



Date: January 11, 1999 



Distribution: doc (254 kB), ps (735 kB), HTML (63 kB) 



Text tag: GO4, URD


Talks about currently used methods of data analysis and their tools.

Monday    08/03/98 14:00 H. Essel: Therapy Analysis with GOOSY and LEA
Thursday  08/06/98 14:00 C. Kozhuharov: ESR Analysis
Monday    08/10/98 14:00 M. Kaspar: Euroball Analysis
Thursday  08/13/98 14:00 canceled
Monday    08/17/98 14:00 K.H.Schmidt: Data Analysis of Specific FRS Experiments
Thursday  08/20/98 14:00 S. Hofmann: Experiments at Ship
Monday    08/24/98 14:00 Various Topics
Thursday  08/27/98 14:00 E.Stiel: Spectroscopy
Thursday  10/01/98 14:00 R. Holzmann: HADES Analysis
Monday    10/05/98 14:00 Ilse Koenig: Use of Oracle Data Base in HADES Analysis
Thursday  10/08/98 14:00 K. Schmidt: Experiments at FRS
Tuesday   10/20/98 09:30 K. Rehlich, DESY: DOOCS, an Object-Oriented Control System for TTF

Minutes of the GO4 discussions.

  1. Minutes (doc) (html) 07/31/1998 (Discussion about the project topics, the project participants, and the time scale)
  2. Minutes (doc) (html) 08/03/1998 (H. Essel: Therapy Analysis with GOOSY and LEA)
  3. Minutes (doc) (html) 08/06/1998 (C. Kozhuharov: ESR Analysis)
  4. Minutes (doc) (html) 08/10/1998 (M. Kaspar: Euroball Analysis)
  5. Minutes (doc) (html) 08/17/1998 (K.H.Schmidt: Data Analysis of Specific FRS Experiments)
  6. Minutes (doc) (html) 08/20/1998 (S. Hofmann: Experiments at Ship)
  7. Minutes (doc) (html) 08/24/1998 (Various Topics)
  8. Minutes (doc) (html) 08/27/1998 (E.Stiel: Spectroscopy)
  9. Minutes (doc) (html) 10/01/1998 (R. Holzmann: HADES Analysis)
  10. Minutes (doc) (html) 10/05/1998 (Ilse Koenig: Use of Oracle Data Base in HADES Analysis)
  11. Minutes (doc) (html) 10/08/1998 (K. Schmidt: Experiments at FRS)