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Welcome to the Multi Branch System (MBS)

The MBS is the standard Data Acquisition System at GSI and at many foreign laboratories

Current production version:    V6.2

Current development version: V6.3

Current "old" version:             V5.0 


  • Scalable from single crate to hierarchical multi-processor topolgies
  • Based on Real-time system LynxOS (v2.5, 3.1, 4.0)
  • Also based on Linux (Debian and Sugarhat) (v.2.6) from MBS version V6.1 onwards
  • Entirely written in C
  • Supports VME, VXI, FASTBUS, CAMAC, PCI Express standards
  • GSI Trigger Module required (TRIVA, TRIXOR)
  • Supports PPC VME processor boards (RIO2, RIO3, RIO4)
  • Supports Freescale PowerPC P2020 (IPV 1102)
  • Supports M68k processor boards (VME: E7, CAMAC: CVC)
  • Supports standard PCs
  • Memory mapped data flow via VME and VSB
  • Message oriented data flow via TCP/IP sockets (up to 10Gbit)
  • Data logging to local disks, NFS disks, tape drives (DLT8000) and Remote File Input Output (RFIO) system
  • Direct data logging to Automatic Tape Library at GSI
  • Full Control with Command Interface from one terminal
  • Optionally full Control via DABC GUI
  • Online monitoring output channels to GO4, ROOT, PAW, LEA
  • Event library for custom analysis systems for MBS listmode data files and all MBS monitoring output channels
  • Utilizes full performance of all hardware devices