The Data Acquistion Backbone Core (DABC) framework

Some history


DABC began as a prototype development for future DAQ systems.Many programming techniques were tested during design and development of first DABC versions.
For about 5 years (2008-2013) DABC, together with the Go4  analysis software, was successfully used as the DAQ system of CBM experiment, providing full infrastructure to perform detector and electronic tests.
Meanwhile DABC is much more than DAQ framework - it is way to connect different hardware and software components together, providing multithreaded multinode environment for that. Moreover, DABC prvides several kinds of user interfaces to monitor and control distributed applications.

Since the FAIR Phase 0 beamtimes have started in 2018, DABC is successfully working at the HADES experiment at GSI  as the production system for event building and data acquisition.

Current applications


  • Event building software of HADES detector