Modern experiments in nuclear and particle physics require a more complex readout and evaluation electronic in a confined space. There are also special requirements that you do not know in other areas, such as the resistance to ionizing radiation. For this reason increasingly application-specific integrated circuits, so-called ASICs, are used in experiments.

To meet this development and to give the experiments at GSI comprehensive support in development, production, test and installation of ASICs, the ASIC design group has formed at the GSI.

The following pages provide an insight into the activities of ASIC design group. If you have any questions about ASIC design, please contact a member of the group. We will gladly inform you on all issues regarding the ASIC designs.


Dr. Holger Flemming

Tel +49-6159-71-1354

Office SB3 2.223A

Organisation of group ASIC




Chip - Development

Dr. Holger Flemming


Chip - Irradiationtests

Dr. Sven Löchner


Chip - Manufacturing

Harald Deppe