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Department Experiment Electronics

The department of Experiment Electronics supports experiments at GSI and FAIR for the readout, data acquisition, data analysis, as well as for the monitoring and control of detectors and detector systems.

As a scientific-technical department Experiment Electronics engages in both developments of electronic modules and systems or software as well as consulting, assembly of electronic boards and repairs.

The expertise of the department covers the entire spectrum of the readout, acquisition, control systems and data analysis of experiments and partly the accelerator electronics.

Experiment Electronics has very good facilities for the development and testing as well as for the production of electronics.

The own laboratories and workshops, such as among others the ASIC and the electronics laboratories, manufacture and repair workshops offer a wide range of possibilities for the realization of numerous, partly very demanding projects for the experiments and the accelerator at GSI and FAIR.

Head (acting)

Dr. Karsten Koch

Tel +49-6159-71-2548

Office SB2 2.223



Anja Kreuziger
Tel +49-6159-71-2555
Büro SB3 2.222

Organisation of department Experiment Electronics
Group Head Telefon
Analogelectronics and Systemdesign Dr. Karsten Koch +49-6159-71-2548
ASIC Dr. Holger Flemming +49-6159-71-1354
Data Processing Dr. Nikolaus Kurz +49-6159-71-2979
Digital Elektronics Dr. Michael Traxler +49-6159-71-1348
Elektronic Design Automation Dr. Karsten Koch +49-6159-71-2548
Manufacturing Dr. Michael Traxler +49-6159-71-1348
Control Systems Dr. Holger Brand +49-6159-71-2123