Biophysics Seminars

05.11.2020 14:00


The good, the elder and the ugly:

RNA vaccine radiotherapy to fight cancer

Dr. Fulvia Vascotto

Head Vaccines & Cellular Immunotherapy


Translationale Onkologie an der Universitätsmedizin der

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

29.10.2020 14:00


Innovative shielding materials for long-term deep-space missions

Francesca Luoni

GSI, Darmstadt


Failla 2020 lecture

The many facets of heavy ion science

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante

GSI, Darmstadt

15.10.2020 15:00


Practical aspects of Upright Radiotherapy Treatments

Dr. Niek Schreuder

LEO Cancer Care, USA

08.10.2020 14:00


Cardiomyocyte dysfunction upon radiation: a human risk mode (Password protected)

Timo Smit

GSI, Darmstadt

24.09.2020 11:00


Carbon-ion therapy for patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer at QST (Password protected)

Dr. Shigeru Yamada

NIRS-QST, Chiba, Japan

Yamada seminar upload

05.03.2020 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Reduction of lung metastases in a mouse osteosarcoma model treated with carbon ions and immune checkpoint inhibitors

Dr. Alexander Helm

GSI, Darmstadt

06.02.2020 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

BIOMAT Project at FAIR

Dr. Radek Pleskac

GSI, Dramstadt

16.01.2020 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

An Overview of Manchester Mechanistic Modelling for Proton Therapy

Nicholas Henthorn

Manchester University, Manchester, UK

12.12.2019 14:00

Hörsaal SB

Spatially fractionated radiotherapy: from X-rays to very heavy ions

Dr. Yolanda Prezado

CNRS, Paris, France

28.11.2019 15:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Second cancers after radiotherapy: from epidemiology to models

Prof. Uwe Schneider

University of Zurich

21.11.2019 16:00

Christoph-Schmelzer-Preis 2019


31.10.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Systemic regulation of neural plasticity in the visual cortex

Dr. Konrad Lehmann

GSI, Darmstadt

24.10.2019 14:00

Seitenraum Hörsaal SB

Asynchronous processing of DNA double-strand breaks: the role of chromatin environment and lesion complexity

Dr. Przemek Krawczyk

Amsterdam UMC

Dept. of Medical Biology & Cancer Center Amsterdam

17.10.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Molecular modelling of DNA radiation damage at the nucleosome scale

Prof. Fabrizio Cleri

IEMN CNRS - University of Lille, France

10.10.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Effects of Radon Exposure investigated in a Psoriatic Mouse Model

Sylvie Lerchl

GSI, Darmstadt

09.10.2019 09:30

KBW Hörsaal

ROS-dependent signaling pathways in chronic pain processing

Prof. Dr. Achim Schmidtko

Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

12.09.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Neurotoxicity of radiation, radioresistance and neural stem cells -  how are they linked?

Dr. Onetsine Arrizabalaga De Mingo

GSI Darmstadt

11.09.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Necrosis in particle therapy. Should we start to clinically use LEM

Dr. Gheorghe Iancu

Uniklinikum Gießen und Marburg

29.08.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Australian Particle Therapy Overview - Proposed Facilities and Current Research

Dr. Dale Prokopovich

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Sydney, Australia

08.08.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Prediction of cell survival after exposure to mixed radiation fields with the Local Effect Model

Tabea Pfuhl

GSI Darmstadt

01.08.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Neuroinflammation in space- (why) should we bother?

Dr. Felicitas Rapp

GSI Darmstadt

26.07.2019 10:30

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

The conceive of irradiation effect on neurons: in vitro, in vivo and in silico studies

Dr. Anggraeini Puspitasari

GSI Darmstadt

18.07.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Clinical applications for CMOS pixel sensors in ion-beam therapy

Claire-Anne Reidel

GSI Darmstadt

11.07.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Comparative study of calculated secondary cancer risks after proton and carbon ion beam therapy

Antonia Hufnagl

GSI Darmstadt

27.06.2019 14:00

Theorie Seminarraum SB3 3.170a

Report from the PTCOG 58 meeting

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante

GSI Darmstadt