Infrastructure in Proton International Research


Since 2019, GSI is a beneficiary of INSPIRE (Infrastructure in Proton International Research). It is a European Research Project aiming to provide a world-leading integrating activity for Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) research by combining the recourses of clinical and research partners, as well as the major manufacturers of proton therapy equipment (Varian and IBA). Through INSPIRE, existing PBT centres work with centres under construction and those, which are still in the planning phase.

Among the main objectives of INSPIRE are the following:

  • Develop a new infrastructure, which brings the research activities in clinical proton therapy centers, associated academic establishments and industry together. 
  • Enable researchers from across Europe (in the public and private sectors) to access this infrastructure and conduct research within it.
  • Provide training for the next generation of researchers in this field where there is an internationally recognized skill shortage.
  • Develop joint research activities that will improve the facilities available within the infrastructure, these will be available to European researchers later on in the project.

Through its transnational access (TNA) INSPIRE provides researchers with an easy to access route to research excellence in PBT; it also serves as an opportunity for trans-European collaboration, rather than just the provision of a service. The TNA provides the integration of the major scientific equipment and research facilities associated with PBT and access to data and software systems.

In the framework of TNA within the EU/Horizon2020 Integrating Activities action, GSI provides access to its facilities under the Integrating Activity-INSPIRE contract. The related information can be found here.

More information about the INSPIRE can be found on the project homepage and here.