Target Area in the X-Ray Laboratory

technical contact: Bernhard Zielbauer

The Pre-Amplifier output beam can be directed towards a separate laboratory before entering the Main amplifier. This allows for preparatory experiments with a repetition rate of 1 shot/3min at a multi-Joule level with pulse durations of down to 300 fs using an in-air gold grating compressor. A cylindrical target chamber with an inner diameter of about 800 mm and height of about 200 mm above the breadboard is available.

The laboratory is also used for laser development setups and testing, so planned experiments in this area need to be discussed as early in advance as possible.

In-aircompressor: Set-up of the double-pass, single 400 mm gold grating compressor with tuneable pulse duration down to 300 fs.
Target chamber: Vacuum chamber with the set-up to generate seeded soft X-ray lasers.