Please request the access codes for the password-protected events via the AP-Secretariat


17th Topical Workshop of the SPARC collaboration

September 14-16; Online; Indico

- nomination to SPARC Prize 2020 for the best PhD thesis until August 15th

APPA R&D Collaboration Meeting 2020

January 16-17; GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; Indico



16th Topical Workshop of the SPARC collaboration

September 9-13; Jena, Germany; Indico

MML Boardmeeting

03 Juni; Garching, Germany; Indico

Workshop on AP Physics Program 2019

May 15-17; Königstein, Germany; Indico

APPA R&D Collaboration Meeting 2019

January 17-18; GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; Indico


Research with CRYRING@ESR

April 24-25; GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; Indico

3. Annual "Matter and Technologies" Meeting

January 30 - Februar 2; GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; Indico;  Web

APPA R&D Collaboration Meeting 2017

January 12-13; GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; Indico

CRYRING@ESR Detectors Workshop

May 9-10; GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; Indico


Kick-off Meeting of APPA-Verbundforschung 2015 - 2018

January 14-15; GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; IndicoWeb