Progress Reports

2014-Feb:  FOCAL Precision  X-Ray Spectroscopy for Extreme Fields in High-Z Ions, GSI Scientific Report 2013

2014-Feb: Spatial Characterisation of the Internal Gas Target at the ESR for the FOCAL Experiment, GSI Scientific Report 2013

2013-Feb: FOCAL X-Ray Spectroscopy for QED in Strong Fields, GSI Scientific Report 2012

2012-Feb: Strong-Field QED in Two-Electron Systems via Doppler-Assisted Bragg Crystal Spectrometry at the ESR

2010/01/29: Summary of the FOCAL X-Ray Optics

2007/12/18: Recent Information to Photon Spectroscopy

2006/10/10: New Bragg spectrometer arrived at GSI

2004/11/26: <media 1607" class="download" "TEXT, Detectors, Detectors.pdf, 17.6 KB">Minutes of the meeting of the Working Group</media>