Beam Diagnostics

The beams produced at the Super-FRS range up to energies corresponding to maximum magnetic rigidity of 20 Tm for all elements up to uranium. Due to the different experiments and operation modes a large variety of detectors and insertions is foreseen. Detectors will cover the whole acceptance, in line with the technical specification. Rare isotopes beams of all elements will be produced via fission and fragmentation, separated within a few hundred nanoseconds and delivered to different experimental branches. The main information to be provided by the diagnostics system is the beam (a) intensity and (b) profile. Measuring deviations from the nominal beam optics is needed to steer the beam. In addition, the Super-FRS detecting system has to provide unambiguous particle identification PID. Therefore, beside the information (a) and (b), fragment (c) timing, position and energy-loss are needed. Moreover, for better separations and collimation of the ion/fragments beams a dedicated slit system  is also mandatory.