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The Superconducting FRagment Separator (Super-FRS) will be the most powerful in-flight separator in the world. Rare isotopes of all elements up to uranium will be produced at relativistic energies and spatially separated within a few hundred nanoseconds, enabling the study of very short-lived nuclei. The Super-FRS is the central device of the NUSTAR collaboration.

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Division Super Fragment Separator (SFR)

The division Super Fragment Separator (SFR) is responsible for the technical design, the procurement of the components, the supervision during the installation, and the commissioning of the machine Super-FRS.

Division Head

Dr. Haik Simon

Phone: + 49-6159-71-2887

Room: SB3 2.274


Dr. Martin Winkler

Phone: + 49-6159-71-2468

Room: SB3 2.276


Louise Dörsching-Steitz

Tel: +49 6159-71-2127

Ort: SE 2.186

Department System Planning SFRS (SFS)

The department System Planning (SFS) of Super-FRS coordinates all the technical work concerning the realization of the Super-FRS machine.

Department Head

Dr. Martin Winkler

Phone: + 49-6159-71-2468

Room: SB3 2.276


Dr. Helmut Weick

Phone: + 49-6159-71-2158

Room: SB3 2.279