Group Magnet Electrical Systems (MES)


The group "Magnet Electrical Systems (MES)" within the department SCM (Superconducting Magnets & Testing) is responsible for testing and ensuring the electrical integrity of the superconducting components for FAIR. This goes hand in hand with the realization and further development of the magnetic protection systems (quench detection) required for magnet operation.

For the purpose of technical alignment of the process interfaces, there is close cooperation with the Electrical Power Systems (EPS) and Accelerator Control Systems (ACO) departments. In addition, the MES group contributes its experience to the preparations for installation and commissioning of superconducting components in the FAIR accelerator.

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Head of Group

Dr.-Ing. Piotr Szwangruber

Phone: +49-6159-71-2366
Room: C27.1.002



The assignment of the group members to the groups are visible in the list of group members of MES (available internally only).