Quality Assurance (PMO-QUA)


Dr. Arnulf Fröhlich

phone: +49-6159-71-3042

room: BK1 2.013





Christoph Ferling (welding supervisor)


BK1 2.033

David Freire


BK1 2.027

Florian Gressier


BK1 2.033

Detlef Grünberg (deputy)


BK1 2.028

Ron R. Mändl


BK1 2.033

Dr. Galina Riefert


BK1 2.027

Olga Ritscher


BK1 2.028

Aziz Suz Ruiz


BK1 2.027

Tasks at PMO-QUA

The quality assurance (QUA) is within the FAIR project responsible for reliably stating whether the components for the new accelerator machine are fulfilling their specific requirements. Involvement of QUA already starts with the specification of these accelerator components. Quality assurance accompanies the whole production process of the component from its development up to its certification and release and, later on, its operation up to the end of its service life.

In detail PMO-QUA...

  • ... takes - in collaboration with the specialist departments - care that suitable and coherent specifications are in time provided to, understood and realized by the involved entities,
  • ... cares - in collaboration with the specialist departments - for an early planning, commitment and appropriate documentation of the required and regulated processes, interactions included (especially with test processes),
  • ... consults with choice and application of compatible measuring equipment and methods, if applicable also by competent execution of measuring system analyses on site,
  • ... supports with tests and certifications on site (at GSI or on the premises of external institutes and suppliers),
  • ... administers the measuring and test equipment necessary for the project and reminds of their regular maintenance and calibration,
  • ... claims the necessary documentation (e.g. test records) from all process steps and monitors their reliable storage.