Survey and Alignment

The group Survey and Alignment is responsible for the development of measure concepts and alignment concepts for the new facilities and the components of the facilities of FAIR. It is also responsible for the high-precision positioning of the existing GSI-machines and experiment set-ups.

By means of a laser tracker, digital levelling, total stations, and more, the determination of the 3D-actual situation of the accelerator facilities is carried out. This is done by means of redundant system measurements, the alignment measurements, and the fiduciary measurements (which must be done in advance) on each exactly arranged beam line component – supported by external service providers. The instrumentation, technologies and procedures come from the field of the classic geodesy and from the industrial 3D-precision measuring and must meet the high demands of the precision of the positions concerning the accelerator components. These positions typically are only a few tenths millimeter.

In order to ensure the ability for alignment of components and of the complete machines, the design-attendant work of the surveying experts is necessary, as to keep suitable reference markers, alignment mechanisms or constructional conditions in the tunnel (view lines). Likewise the available testing methods must be adjusted, respectively extended, to existing edge conditions, e.g. highly activated areas without access after the first operation of a component.