HowTo Register

Please send your Local Contact Person the filled and signed:
(forms in Download Center on the right)

  1. GSI / FAIR Home Institution or Guest Declaration
  2. GSI / FAIR Guest Contract with necessary attachments
  3. copy/scan of valid ID Card or passport


The Home Institution Declaration (HID) must be completed and signed by an authorized representative of the person's home institution.

In case there is no Home Institution to sign the Home Institut Declaration, please fill and sign the GSI or FAIR Guest Declaration


The GSI or FAIR Guest Contract  must be completed and signed by yourself.


If you are in doubt if you need GSI or FAIR documents, please ask your Local Contact Person.

List of Local Contact Person GSI / FAIR
Beamtime - Local Contact Persons

Change or Update

If you need to change/update an existing registration please send an email with the relevant information to: welcome-office(at)

What happens next

  1. The "local contact person" will check, complete the information and forward it to the Welcome Office.
  2. The Welcome Office will check and approve (or deny) registration.
  3. You will receive an email about the status and next steps.
  • Please inform your local contact person when you will arrive at GSI / FAIR.
  • If you plan to come by car, please note: GSI's parking facilities have changed.
  • To enter GSI's campus you need to identify yourself at the GATE, where you will receive your GSI / FAIR Access Card.

In case changes occur please send an email to welcome-office(at) (e.g. change of institute, extension, or update on documents)