Local Contact Person

Guests and users will have to register before coming to GSI / FAIR.


  1. Visitors of public events
  2. Participants of events organized at GSI/FAIR
  3. People working for companies hired by GSI/FAIR (Fremdmitarbeiter)
  4. Guests paid from GSI, i.e. that are on GSI payroll; their point of contact is the Human Resources Department (stipends).

Guests should send both the GSI / FAIR Home Institution or Guest Declaration and the GSI / FAIR Guest Contract (and necessary documents) to his Local Contact Person. Who will check/complete details and forward it to welcome-office(a)gsi.de.

Local Contact Persons
Local Contact Persons for beamtime only

For those participating in GET_INvolved Programme please note - Dr. Pradeep Ghosh is your contact person.


Role of the Local Contact Person:

  • Responsibility for the guest/user before and during their stay as well as when leaving GSI/FAIR
  • Verification of Home Institute and data given by guests/users  
  • Communication on needed safety instructions, IT accounts, key, etc.
  • Counterpart for Welcome Office and other GSI departments
  • Contact persons will be listed in the online registration form incl. their department (visible outside GSI)

Becoming a Local Contact Person:

If you are a department head, please write an email to welcome-office(at)gsi.de including:

  • Name of the department - choose from the Organisation Unit List.
  • If applicable, please propose deputies and secretaries/persons to be informed (in cc) in your department.

If you are a NOT a department head, please send your request to:

  1. welcome-office(at)gsi.de
  2. cc your department head