HowTo fill the Home Institution (or Guest) Declaration

New at GSI:

GSI / FAIR Home Institution Declaration

with which the Home Institution of guests certify that, for the entire duration of this declaration (maximum 5 years), the guest will be either:

  • employed by the Home Institution
  • enrolled as a student at a university
  • in receipt of a grant to support his/her stay at GSI / FAIR
  • in receipt of a pension

In case changes occur the home institution will inform GSI / FAIR as soon as possible.

With a Home Institution Declaration from an institution in Europe it is no longer needed to provide details about your Health Insurance.

GSI Home Institution Declaration
FAIR Home Institution Declaration


How to fill the GSI or FAIR Home Institution Declaration

GSI / FAIR Guest Declaration

In case there is no Home Institution to sign the Home Institut Declaration, please fill and sign the GSI or FAIR Guest Declaration

GSI Guest Declaration
FAIR Guest Declaration