You can reach us on:

via Internet:

via Mail (only GSI internally):

 via phone: -3300

Senior Safety Engineer

Natascha Dausend

Mail: n.dausend(at)

Phone: 06159-71-1794

Mobile: 0174- 3281426

Room: KBW.2.07


Safety engineer

Annika Mühlfried

Mail: a.muehlfried(at) 

Phone: 06159-71-1783

Mobile: 01525 4519622

Room: KBW.2.07


Safety Engineer

Andreas Niermeyer

Mail: a.niermeyer(at)

Phone: 06159-71-2700

PSA: -4011

Room: KBW.2.07


What we do:

  • Advice on all health and safety issues, eg Workstations, safety technology, ...


More information:

more information can be found here.



For examples:

  • Skin protection
  • Information for new empoyee
  • Information on screen / office workplace
  • Templates for notices / information boards
  • Contractors
  • summer students