Operational Health Management (BGM)

Moove Health Portal - Digital health coach

Are you planning to follow a more balanced diet, exercise more or be more relaxed this year?

Then the health portal from moove could help you. From 30.01.2019 onwards this portal will be available to the GSI employees for a trial period of 3 months and only in german.

The health portal of moove is a digital health coach with health programs for fitness (incl. back health), nutrition and stress management (incl. healthy sleep). It offers a tailor-made health programme with exercises suitable for everyday use.

In the programmes, the personal nutritional behaviour, the individual stress level and the ability to cope with stress or the fitness and health status, including contraindications, are first determined by means of an online questionnaire. On the basis of the results, you will then receive your individual programme with goals and activities tailored to your current situation. The goals and activities can be freely chosen.

Whether at the PC in the office, on the tablet at home or on the smartphone on the go - at moove everyone decides for themselves when they want to do something for their health. This means that all employees at the various GSI locations benefit from company health management.

This portal will be available for 3 months and only in German. If it is accepted widely, the running time will be extended and also offered in English.



If you are interested in the following measurements,please subscribe to the measurements by writing an email to BGM.

06 March                        pupillography

03 and 04 April              Fitness roll (04 April at Borsigstraße)

05 and 06 June              Skin screening (05 June at Borsigstraße)

04 and 05 September   Health measurement  (05 September at Borsigstraße)


Consultant days of the health insurance

A large fraction of the services are identical for all statutory health insurance companies in Germany, there are significant differences. Specifically, the statutes services, added values and the customer service deviate from each other.

The representatives of the Barmer and Techniker health insurance gladly advises you on this topic and others, e. g. services of the statutory care insurance. All employees can make us of the consulation-hour, regardless of the membership of the health insurance.

The consultant day will be take place in room BR3 1.156. The appointments will be award by the representatives of the health insurance companies.


02 April 2019                                         Andreas Moser, Barmer                  

25 June 2019                                         registration under: Andreas Moser or 0800-333004304201


21 February 2019                                  Heiko Heß, Technikerhealth insurance

16 May 2019                                           registration under: Heiko Heß or 040-46065108004

12 September 2019

14 November 2019


contact persons

V. Porwol

phone: 1832

e-mail: v.porwol(at)gsi.de

room: C24 2.024



K. Vogt

phone: 2414


room: C24 2.017