Operational Health Management (BGM)

Information about the corona virus for GSI / FAIR employees and guests can be found here.

special offers based on the current situation

Fit@Home - Health promotion at home

The current situation demands a certain amount of flexibility and rethinking from all of us. Above all, many more people are currently working in the home office than usual. In addition, until further notice all sports activities of a commercial nature are officially prohibited.  We firmly believe that in addition to a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and regular relaxation, muscular training in particular helps to strengthen the immune system. Because muscular training releases hormone-like substances which directly boost the immune system. In addition, increased work in sometimes less than ideal home office situations can lead to muscular tension. However, these tension patterns can be counteracted with simple but effective mobility exercises. For this reason, we as an employer have developed three training plans for home use in cooperation with our occupational health service, medical airport service GmbH. These are online training plans that can be accessed via any web browser or by means of QR codes. The access links and QR codes for the three training plans are listed here.



This year there are thematic quarters, i. H. each quarter in 2020 is dedicated to a specific health-promoting or health-promoting topic. There will not only be various events, such as measurements by health insurance companies or workshops, but there will also be further information.

Furthermore, other workshops on topics such as healthy leadership and mindfulness take place parallel to the thematic quarters



Health insurance consultant days


A large fraction of the services are identical for all statutory health insurance companies in Germany, there are significant differences. Specifically, the statutes services, added values and the customer service deviate from each other.

The representatives of the Barmer and Techniker health insurance gladly advises you on this topic and others, e. g. services of the statutory care insurance. All employees can make us of the consulation-hour, regardless of the membership of the health insurance.

The consultant day will be take place in room BR3 1.156. The appointments will be award by the representatives of the health insurance companies.



contact: Marc Hartmann                

registration under: Marc Hartmann or 0800-333004304201


Techniker health insurance:

  • 14. May 2020

contact: Heiko Heß

registration under: Heiko Heß or 040-46065107248

Mobile Massage (MoMa)

Treat yourself to a little time out and take advantage of the mobile massage offer during working hours.

Under mobile massage (MoMa) you will find further information.


Exercise and relaxation

If you are interested, please contact BGM so that you can be included in the e-mail distribution list. You will receive information about changes of rooms and dates.



contact persons

V. Porwol

phone: 1832

e-mail: v.porwol(at)gsi.de

room: C24 2.024



K. Vogt

phone: 2414


room: C24 2.017