Operational Health Management (BGM)


  • 04. November 2019 Key Note Speech Mindfulness (only in german)
  • 14. November 2019 Presentation Qualitrain (Provider of sports and fitness facilities) (only in german)
    • 11am - 12pm Borsigstraße (BS11 3.332)
    • 13pm - 14pm Planckstraße (lecture hall SB1)


If you are interested in the following measurements,please subscribe to the measurements by writing an email to BGM:


  • 24. October 2019 Workshop Appreciation: elementary for satisfaction and success at work (only in german)
  • 04. November 2019 Workshop Mindfulness (only in german)
  • 19. November 2019 Nutritional counselling and screenings


Consultant days of the health insurance

A large fraction of the services are identical for all statutory health insurance companies in Germany, there are significant differences. Specifically, the statutes services, added values and the customer service deviate from each other.

The representatives of the Barmer and Techniker health insurance gladly advises you on this topic and others, e. g. services of the statutory care insurance. All employees can make us of the consulation-hour, regardless of the membership of the health insurance.

The consultant day will be take place in room BR3 1.156. The appointments will be award by the representatives of the health insurance companies.




contact: Marc Hartmann                

registration under: Marc Hartmann or 0800-333004304201


Techniker health insurance:

  • 14. November 2019


contact: Heiko Heß

registration under: Heiko Heß or 040-46065108004




contact persons

V. Porwol

phone: 1832

e-mail: v.porwol(at)gsi.de

room: C24 2.024



K. Vogt

phone: 2414


room: C24 2.017