Duties of managers in connection with hazardous substances

As part of the transfer of entrepreneurial duties along the line functions, you as a manager have been assigned various duties in connection with hazardous substances.

We would like to draw your attention to just a few points that are repeatedly raised during inspections.

  • As soon as work with hazardous substances is started, you need:
    • a risk assessment (GBU, see www.gsi.de/gbu)
    • a list of hazardous substances (exceptions exist, but must be recorded in the GBU)
    • operating instructions
    • regular instructions for employees in the affected areas
    • Preventive medical checkups (information on this can be obtained from the company physicians or the health management staff)
      • Mandatory examination if:
        limit values are not complied with
        repeated exposure cannot be ruled out (for CMR substances / CMR mixtures of category 1A, 1B)
        hazardous substance is skin-resorptive AND skin contact cannot be excluded

      • Offer investigation if:
        if exposure can NOT be ruled out (but there is also no reason for mandatory examination).

  • The storage of hazardous substances is subject to strict rules and should therefore be well thought out in advance and checked regularly (information on this can be found here). This also includes a regular inventory of chemical stocks in accordance with TRGS 526.
  • If, since a hazardous substance was ordered, the hazard information and thus the labeling of the substance has changed, this must be adjusted on the container you have on hand. Old labeling must be removed or supplemented.

Further obligations and specifications can be found in the document linked below.

If you have any questions, would like advice, or would like to discuss the implementation of measures with us, please feel free to contact us at gefahrstoffbeauftragter@gsi.de.