Disposal of hazardous waste

On this page we would like to describe the process of a disposal of hazardous waste, e.g. chemicals, in more detail.

Unfortunately, the following wastes cannot be disposed of through us:

  •     radioactive residues (for this purpose: see here)
  •     infectious substances
  •     explosives
  •     waste oil (here A. Niermeyer will help you, a.niermeyer(at)gsi.de )

For all other hazardous waste: If you have any questions, contact us in advance (gefahrstoffbeauftragter(at)gsi.de). We will be happy to advise you and thus facilitate the further disposal process together with you.

Make sure that your waste ...

    ... is clearly and completely labeled. This means that the designation and the waste producer must be clearly visible on the container. Duplicate markings (e.g. when using old original containers) must be removed. If possible, please also note the exact composition on the container.
    ... is in suitable containers. Containers that have been used for food or that look like they were used for food are NOT suitable chemical containers. Also, not all materials are resistant to all chemicals. If you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you.
    ... is in tightly sealable containers. Both during transport to our storage facility and during storage, leaking/open containers are a major hazard.
    ... is only INSIDE the containers and does not stick to the OUTSIDE. Again, the goal is to minimize the risk for everyone involved and for contamination of the campus as much as possible.

Once it is clear what waste you wish to dispose of and the size of each container, please fill out the Disposal Form. You can find it in the "Documents and Forms" section as the "Formblatt zur Chemikalienentsorgung."
Please send the completed form via e-mail to gefahrstoffbeauftragter(at)gsi.de. If you have any questions about the document, please feel free to contact us at the mail address just mentioned or call the contact persons from Hazardous Substances Management.
As soon as we have received your application, we will contact you to arrange a date for the disposal and to clarify any remaining questions.

At the assigned disposal date, we will either collect the containers from you or you can bring them to our storage facility. You can borrow a transport cart from us for this purpose. The storage facility for hazardous waste is located next to the energy center, opposite the KBW.


Be sure to bring the signed disposal form with you to the disposal appointment.

Please also remember to update your hazardous substances register, if applicable, when disposing of chemicals you no longer need.

If you have any questions about the disposal process or regarding a waste you want to dispose of, you can reach us via gefahrstoffbeauftragter(at)gsi.de.