GSI EU & Third Party Funding Office

The GSI EU-office supports scientists at GSI in order to carry out EU projects successfully in all project phases:

  • Preparation and Submission of Proposals, Contract Preparation
  • Start of Project at GSI
  • Reporting and Audit Issues


A link to recent calls can be found HERE.


Preparation and Submission of Proposals, Contract Preparation:

In order to allow a meaningful usage of the GSI resources and a more efficient management of the EU funded projects, researchers are kindly asked to proceed through a GSI internal three-step process, when they plan to submit a new proposal.


  1. In the very preliminary phase of the proposal preparation:
    GSI Pre-Proposal Form ("1. Pre-Proposal Form" sheet)
  2. Before the coordinator submits the proposal by EPPS: 
    GSI Proposal Form ("2. Proposal Form" sheet)
  3. Before the contracts are signed:
    GSI Contract Preparation Form ("3. Contract Form" sheet)


Please note that these forms need to be filled and authorized before you will receive signatures for any of the EU-requested documents (Proposal Submission Forms (PSFs), Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (GPFs), EU Contract)!

GSI Standard GPFs can be obtained at the GSI EU Office.


We will be very pleased to help you with all forms and any related issues.


Just contact us!!


Start of Project at GSI:

  • Request of SAP numbers


Please contact us!!


Reporting and Audit Issues:

  • Support in preparing financial reports for the EU Commission (FormCs)
  • Support for audit issues