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GSI Users' Group

The GSI Users' Group was formed in 2002. It serves as a channel between the facility´s users and the local administration, which serves both parties: users can direct suggestions for improvements or point-out problems, for which members of the Executive Committee (UEC) will help implement solutions, and the administration can address this organ representing the users community, e.g. on current and future plans for GSI. Representing a big community of researchers, the GSI Users' Group can influence the development at GSI to maintain and improve conditions for users, e.g. by identifying problems at an early stage.If you would like to join the GSI Users' Group, please submit the registration form below.

Further below you will also find the (cumulating) list of GSI Users' Group members and the archive of the GSI Users' Group mailing list.

The charter of the the GSI Users' Group explaining its regulations can be checked in the link further down.

Executive Committee (UEC)

The Executive Committee acts as a representative body for the community of users of GSI facilities. They can be addressed with suggestions or problems, and maintain contact with the GSI directors. The UEC meets at least once a year in connection with an EA meeting. The UEC meeting will be organized by the Chair.

One-third of the members of the UEC is elected once a year by the members of the Users' Group. The UEC elects among themselves the Chair-elect, who in the next year will serve as Chair, and in the following year as Past Chair. Thecharter of the GSI Users' Group is to be written by the UEC and presented to the GSI Users' Group during the committees first term.

Next Meeting of the Executive Committee:

Date of the next UEC meeting:   to be announced