Scheduling of Approved Experiments

Scheduling of approved experiments is done by the GSI beam time coordinator in close contact with the experimentalists (or their GSI contact persons), the accelerator staff, and an internal GSI "Round Table" committee responsible for coordination between scientific and technical requirements related to the use of the GSI accelerator facility.

Scheduling requests have to be made using the webform.

The list of submitted requests can be viewed here.

Contact of the Beamtime Coordinator

Dr. Daniel Severin

Phone: +49-6159-71 2715

E-Mail: beamtime(at)


Note on Safety Issues

Please note some information on existing safety regulations. Further information is given on the webpages "Accelerator Radiation Protection", "Strahlenschutzplanung und Genehmigungen (SG)" and "Sicherheit und Entsorgung". External users can get support with this from their local contact person.


  1. Before starting activities on the campus all guests or users of the facilities need to do not only the general safety instruction and possibly the radiation safety instruction, but also one related to the respective work place (§12 ArbSchG).
  2. When modifying work spaces (e.g. experiment setup, caves), or when using work equipment brought to the campus from outside (machinery, electronics, detectors, targets, etc.), an evaluation of hazards has to be done beforehand. This evaluation is to be discussed with or to be shown to the safety responsible of the experimental area (Sicherheitstechnisch Verantwortlicher, STV)( §5 ArbSchG, §3 (1) BetrSichV).
  3. Specially for work equipment brought to the campus, this evaluation of hazards has to be based on the respective instruction manual or risk analysis (§3 (4) BetrSichV). If this does not exist, e.g. because the equipment is self-made, it has to be prepared and handed to the STV, too.
  4. If hazardous material is brought to the campus (gases, toxic, corrosive, harmful to the environment or easily flammable/ explosive material, etc.), a special evaluation of hazards according to §6 (1) GefStoffV has to be done, and all relevant information incl. Safety Data Sheets are to be handed to the STV.