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Before Coming to GSI for an Experiment

External users are kindly requested to take note of the Safety Procedures at GSI including a form for personal data. The latter should be completed and sent to the GSI Safety and Radioprotection Division well ahead of time. Before beam is delivered to an experiment, a final safety inspection is performed on the basis of an updated check list for safety aspects of the experiment.

Persons intending to perform safety-relevant work at GSI are required to possess advanced English skills for communication. (E.g. corresponding to 220 TOEFL-scoring (computer-based) or level 6 of IELTS. No examn result needs to be presented.)



Safety Procedures at GSI (F14): pdf-file, word-document
Safety aspects of the experiment (F16): pdf-file, word-document


Before coming to GSI please see also informations given under User Services.