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Biophysics & Radio-Biology Program Advisory Committee (Bio-PAC)

GSI has established a Biophysics & Radio-Biology Program Advisory Committee (Bio-PAC) that evaluates experiment proposals submitted to GSI in the areas of biophysics, radiobiology, and radiotherapy. The Bio-PAC members give advice to the GSI directorate on selecting experiment proposals that are submitted by individual users or user groups. Following periodic calls for proposals, the Bio-PAC meets two in two years. The Bio-PAC evaluates the experiment proposals on the basis of scientific merit and technical feasibility, and makes recommendations on the ammount of beam time to be allotted.


Next Bio-PAC Meeting


Date of the next Bio-PAC Meeting: 22 - 23 June 2020

Call for Proposals and Proposal Submission

Call for Proposals: open now, please visit theG-PAC webpage  regarding all necessary information.

Please select "Bio-PAC" in the webform for Proposal submission.

The deadline of the 'Call' is 30 April 2020.


Please note that since 2019 GSI provides access to its facilities under INSPIRE (Infrastructure in Proton International Research); a contract within the framework of TNA (EU/Horizon2020 Integrating Activities). Please find more information here.

Database of granted beam time

For information on remaining shifts/proposals of approved experiments your local contact person can search a database of active proposals. Entries are updated at the end of each beam time block.

Members of the Bio-PAC

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Dendooven
    KVI-CART, University of Groningen, The Netherlands /  Helsinki Institute of Physics, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel 
    DKFZ, Germany
  • Prof. Vincenzo Patera, Chair Bio-PAC (Spokesperson of Biophysics Collaboration)
    Sapienza University of Rome, INFN, Italy
  • Dr. Yolanda Prezado (Deputy Spokesperson of Biophysics Collaboration)
    Institut Curie Centre de Recherche, Centre Universitaire, Orsay, France
  • Dr. Charlot Vandevoorde
    NRF iThemba LABS, South Africa

Bio-PAC Scientific Secretary

Dr. Karin Füssel

GSI, Darmstadt

Phone: +49-6159-71 1441

Fax: +49-6159-71 2991

contact by E-Mail to: K.Fuessel(at)gsi.de


Information for users of the GSI biophysical research facility

Recent Bio-PAC Meetings


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