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Welcome to the Website of the GSI Works Council

The Works Council of GSI heartily welcomes you on his website. Here we would like to offer you – beside the quarterly employees meetings and the journal Knackpunkt - one more possibility to access information on current activities at GSI and about our dedication for your interests within GSI.

At the same time we would like to ease for you the contact to the Works Council resp. a member of your choice for your general and special questions as well as with ideas and criticism. The individual responsibilities of the members can be taken from Ausschüsse und Kommissionen (= boards and committees). Internal, tariff and legal regulations can be accessed via "Rechtliche Grundlagen (= legal background). A list of specialist literature, laws and comments can be accessed here.

We are confident that you will appreciate this site in order to let us know your - and thus the employee's - position, enabling us to consider it through our resolutions.

And in case that you have ideas to amend our webpages or detect mistakes/bugs, we gladly receive your message to


your e-mails to Betriebsrat@gsi reach the secretariat as well as the operating committee, but not the entire board

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