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Parent-Child Office

What is the Parent-Child Office?

The parent-child office offers parents with children requiring care the opportunity to work and at the same time look after their child. 

This allows parents to bring their children to work in emergency situations (childcare is cancelled at short notice, school is closed, kindergarten is closed, etc.) The room serves to bridge short-term care shortages and offers no alternative to regular care.


Who can use the parent-child office and what do I need to consider?

The use of the parent-child office is available for self-organized, short-term care for all GSI staff members with children as well as for their guests - after prior consultation with the secretariat of the equal opportunities committee [phone -2626].

The use of the parent-child office for emergency care is subject to the condition that there are no official concerns. There is neither a legal claim to the use of the parent-child office nor to any specific equipment in the room. The use is basically free of charge. Replacement for wilfully destroyed objects is excluded.

Important note:

The parent-child office may not be used if the child to be looked after suffers from a contagious disease. This also applies in the case of severe febrile diseases or if there is an infestation of head lice.

Where is the parent-child office located?

The parent-child office is located in the Südbau, SB2 2.228. There is an elevator nearby.


  • The office is equipped as a workstation (internet access and telephone number 3040 are available), please bring your own laptop.
  • There is a baby changing unit available. Furthermore, the room is equipped with a travel cot (with a grid for babies including mattress), a couch and various toys.
  • Other personal utensils needed for the child (such as blankets, pillows, toys, diapers, care products) are brought by the parents themselves.
  • A kitchenette with a microwave oven is located nearby, as well as a toilet.

Booking + contact person

Please address occupancy enquiries by e-mail to ekb(at), by telephone to the secretariat of the Equal Opportunities Committee (Heike Kossmann, telephone 2626, substitution Heike Erb, Works Council Secretariat, tel. 2666).

The reservation of the parent-child office is made by the secretariat of the Equal Opportunities Committee, or alternatively by the Works Council Secretariat or a member of the Equal Opportunities Committee. In unforeseen cases, spontaneous use is also possible, provided the room is free at the time. The Equal Opportunities Committee is happy to help with any questions or uncertainties.

Key collection/return

The key for the parent-child office can be collected by appointment from the secretariat of the Equal Opportunities Committee (Work Council Secretariat, room no. SB2 2.230, tel. -2626). The use of the office is noted by name with date and time.

By signing, the parents or guardians undertake to accept the rules of use and to leave the room in an orderly manner.

At the end of use, the key is handed in at the secretariat of the Equal Opportunities Committee or, if necessary, at the gate. The return of the key will be confirmed in the usage book with a signature.

Usage regulations for the parent-child office

The usage regulations are currently being updated, but the former regulations can be found  here.