Family and career

Work & and Family Life Balance is of great importance to insure the contentment and the achievement potential of employees.

A support to change for the better is becoming more and more significant when it comes to recruiting new employees.

GSI and FAIR have contingents of daycare places for children from 1 year on and for children from 2 years on in 2 day-care centers. The number of places are unfortunately limited.


If this is of interest to you, all the necessary information can be found at the HR department: Daycare supported by FAIR and GSI

Guide for parents

The guides are designed to be a help, especially for new parents, in the jungle of bureaucracy – for mothers AND fathers BEFORE and AFTER the birth. The guidelines are available in German and English.

Guide for parents pre birth

Guide for parents post birth


We would like to keep the guides up to date and appreciate your comments, updates, feedback and ideas. Printed flyers can be found at the bulletin board of the Equal Opportunities Board in the passage SB2.