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Equal opportunities at GSI and FAIR

The implementation of equal opportunities for women and men as well as the improvement of the work and family life balance is an issue of great importance at GSI and FAIR. The committee of equal opportunities supports and advises the management board regarding these issues. The committee is directly assigned to the management board, but is independent concerning the exercise of the office (§24 (2) BGleiG).

Elected by the female employees, the equal opportunity committee stands up for the equal treatment at GSI and FAIR.

The primary person to contact is


Chairwoman and Deputy

Dr. Christina Will, Vorsitzende, MIN, phone 2852
Simone Schwarz, Stellvertreterin, MDS, phone 3139

Members of the board

Dr. Birgit Kindler, TTL, phone 2523
Diana Lang, PPH, phone 2292
Lea Wunderlich, ATP, phone 1879

Local representatives at HIJ and HIM

Conny Kabis, HI Jena, +49-3641-947601
Dr. Ira Lemm, HI Mainz, +49-6131-392-9620

Team assistant


Within GSI you can reach us at gleichstellungsgremium(at)


Heike Kossmann, BTR, phone 2626