Information for external persons

Status of 17 October 2022


Visitors, whether persons with official business or without official business, are allowed to re-enter the campus.

Inside GSI and FAIR buildings, mouth-nose coverings must now only be worn if a distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained for more than one minute or is difficult to maintain.

Masks are still compulsory:

  •     when queuing (e.g. serving food in the canteen)
  •     at goods distribution points (e.g. main warehouse)
  •     in areas with public traffic (e.g. UHD, WEO, guest office)
  •     in the rooms of the company doctor and company nurse
  •     in the gate
  •     in lifts
  •     at designated events
  •     and in other designated areas.

Close cooperation or working together in confined spaces also requires the wearing of an FFP2 mask without an exhalation valve.

If you or persons from outside the company are travelling to GSI and FAIR, please observe the regulations for Travelling in or back before starting work at GSI and FAIR.

The current quarantine regulations apply to non-farm personnel from foreign risk areas.

Please also refer to the checklist for guests of the Welcome Office (

GSI's and FAIR's specific policy regarding the Corona pandemic can be found here.

Status of 17 October 2022


We are happy to offer internships from March onwards, subject to the development of the corona situation. To best protect our staff, we recommend that interns take a corona test on their first day of work, a self-test is sufficient. In addition, the supervisors may ask the interns to test themselves daily on site.

You can find the specific Corona regulations of FAIR and GSI here.