Information for external persons

Update from 19 April 2021

Flyer for persons outside the company "Basic protective measures for GSI and FAIR".


Status of 22 January 2021

Please refer to this page for the generally applicable behaviour regarding Corona.

GSI's and FAIR's specific policy regarding the Corona pandemic can be found here.

All persons who are to work for or with GSI or FAIR may enter the campus. These are contractors, experimenters, bachelor students, PhD students, etc.

Furthermore, it is forbidden for external persons to enter the campus for private reasons, e.g. to visit the campus or to attend lectures. This also includes bringing children and relatives.

Mouth-to-nose coverings must always be worn inside GSI/FAIR buildings. Exceptions are the own workplace as well as meeting rooms and at the table in the dining hall of the canteen, as long as the distance of 1.5 metres is maintained.
Masks with exhalation valves are not permitted.

If you or persons from outside the company are travelling to GSI and FAIR, please observe the regulations for "Travelling in or back" from the section "Corona regulations at GSI and FAIR" of this website before starting work at GSI and FAIR.

Status of 22 January 2021

Within Germany, commuters and business trips are currently exempt from restrictions. This means that people from other federal states who do not belong to the company are still allowed to enter the GSI campus.

Status of 22 January 2021

In addition to the current quarantine regulations, non-operational persons from foreign risk areas are still subject to the rule that they may only enter the GSI campus after a 10-day quarantine or a negative coronary test, which has taken place on the 5th day after entry at the earliest. The day of entry is not counted.

Please also refer to the checklist for guests of the Welcome Office ( ).

Status of 22 January 2021

Uniform guidelines for room reservations and stay in our guest houses:

  1.     Only guests whose presence is indispensable for GSI may arrive. e.g. project work, execution of urgent work, etc.
  2.     A stay in the guest houses is only possible after completion of the legally required quarantine. The quarantine period is 10 days, however, it can be ended prematurely by a negative coronary test which has taken place on the 5th day after entry at the earliest.
  3.     The hygiene and distance regulations specified and posted in accordance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute must be observed and will be monitored.

In addition, you must wear a mouth/nose covering when moving around in the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, corridors, etc).

You can find further information on the stay of guests at or under the item "Information for external persons".

Status of 22 January 2021

We would like to inform you that internships that have already been confirmed will take place at this time. However, we are not accepting any new internship requests at this time.

You can find the specific Corona regulations of FAIR and GSI here.