General behaviour regarding Corona

Status of 22 January 2021

Keep your distance: Make arrangements by email or telephone if possible. If possible, use telephone conferences for exchanges in the group. Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people and refrain from touching them, e.g. greeting them by shaking their hands.

Hygiene: Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (at least 20 seconds). Washing hands is sufficient to interrupt the transmission path. The use of hand disinfectant is only advisable if you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands.

Everyday mask: In certain situations - especially when things get tight and a distance of at least 1.5 metres from others cannot be safely maintained - wear an everyday mask (mouth-nose covering). When doing so, also observe the applicable regulations in each case. At GSI and FAIR, it is compulsory to wear a mouth-nose covering without a valve in all buildings.

Use the app: Also, use the Corona warning app. The app notifies you if you have had encounters with people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus and recommends important behavioural guidelines.  

Ventilate: Regular ventilation is good for hygiene and promotes air quality. This reduces the number of droplets that may be present in the air. You should ventilate for a few minutes at regular intervals.

Poster Hygiene Tips

General information about the Corona Warning App

Status of 22 January 2021

The Corona warning app helps to determine whether you have come into contact with an infected person and whether this could result in a risk of infection. The app is an offer of the Federal Government. Downloading and using the app is completely voluntary. You may install the app on your official smartphone.

You can find all important information about the app on the RKI website. In particular, you will find recommendations on how to deal with the different risk assessments.

Please inform the Task Force Health if the red status "increased risk" is displayed.

You can also use the app as a contact diary.



Information on data protection

State of 22 January 2021

DThe Corona warning app is permissible under data protection law. It is true that in the course of the first use, the app asks whether the location transmission of the end device should be switched on. This setting is technically necessary so that the app can record contacts (so-called "contact recording function"). According to the app's privacy policy, however, no location data is collected and stored.

If you have any questions about the Corona Warning App, please contact the Data Protection Department at datenschutz(at)

Status of 22 January 2021

For quick contact tracing, we recommend that all staff keep a contact diary.

In areas with a lot of "walk-ins", such as the User Helpdesk, a visitors' book should be kept. The contact diary template can also be used as a visitor book.

On the pages of the Data Protection Department you will find the data protection information for keeping a contact diary.

In addition, the Corona Warning app also offers the option of keeping a contact diary.