Covid-19 vaccination @ GSI

Status of 21. January 2022


We would like to continue offering you Covid vaccination appointments.

To better plan these appointments, we need your help.


Please send an email to impfen(at) if you would like to be vaccinated (first, second or booster).


For this we need the following information from you:

  • Date of birth
  • Vaccination status (not vaccinated, 1x vaccinated, 2x vaccinated, vaccinated but with a vaccine not licensed in the EU) and if applicable the date of the last Covid vaccination.
  • if applicable, recovered status with date of PCR test.


Depending on availability, vaccination will be carried out with the vaccine from Moderna or Biontech/ Pfizer.


Notes for Johnson&Johnson vaccinations:


If you have been vaccinated with Johnson&Johnson vaccine, you will need a 2nd vaccination to be considered fully vaccinated and a 3rd vaccination to be considered boosted.

The interval between 1st and 2nd vaccination must be at least 3 weeks and between 2nd vaccination and booster vaccination at least 3 months.


Notes for people who have been recovered:


Since 17.01.2022, the recovered status is only valid for 3 months from the date of the positive PCR test.

If you have not yet been vaccinated or have already received a Covid vaccination, you can be vaccinated 3 months after your infection.

If you have already been vaccinated 2 times and had a Corona infection, you are considered boostered.


Instructions for vaccination with vaccines not licensed in the EU:


If you have been vaccinated with a Covid vaccine that is not licensed in the EU, you need a new vaccination series (first and second vaccination) with a vaccine that is licensed in the EU to be considered fully vaccinated in Germany.