Covid-19 vaccination @ GSI

Second booster vaccination

Status of 28.09.2022

We offer GSI and FAIR employees, as well as external company employees, the 2nd booster vaccination on 17.10. 2022.

The vaccine will be Biontech BA 4/5.

The vaccination will be carried out in accordance with the STIKO recommendation for people over 60 years of age,

  • who are older than 60 yearsand
  • whose last booster vaccination or Covid-19 infection was more than 6 months agoand
  • a maximum of 3 Covid 19 vaccinationsand
  • who were last vaccinated 2 weeks ago (e.g. flu vaccination).

You can book an appointment here. Please only book an appointment if you fulfil the points listed above. All other groups of people please contact your doctor or a vaccination centre nearby.

If all vaccination appointments are fully booked, please send an email to impfen(at) You will then be put on a waiting list. You will then be put on a waiting list and informed when an appointment becomes available.