Covid vaccination @ GSI/FAIR

Status of 11 June 2021

You will receive an Outlook appointment invitation for your vaccination appointment. Please confirm this immediately. This will also contain all the important information about the place where the vaccination will take place and which documents you should bring with you, completed. These are:

  • Information sheet, please bring two copies.
  • Informed consent form and medical history form
  • Vaccination certificate
  • If applicable, your documented positive PCR test result.

Please arrive on time for the vaccination appointment, not too early and not too late. At the reception/registration, please hand in the above-mentioned documents. These will be checked for completeness and given back to you.

Afterwards, you will be sent to the vaccinating person. There you will hand in the documents again. After the vaccination you will receive your vaccination certificate and a copy of the information sheet.

After the vaccination, please wait 15 minutes. This is the recommended follow-up time.

You will receive another Outlook appointment invitation in good time for the 2nd vaccination appointment. Please bring the following documents with you to this appointment:

  • Information sheet (from the 1st vaccination)
  • vaccination certificate

People who have already had a Covid 19 infection only need one vaccination. Therefore, there is no 2nd vaccination for them.

Unfortunately, a comprehensive vaccination discussion cannot take place at the vaccination appointment itself. For this purpose, please use the hotline of Medical Airport Service (our company medical service).

Status of 22 June 2021

According to the RKI, persons are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after administration of all necessary Covid-19 vaccine doses, i.e. on the 15th day. In the case of COVID-19 vaccinations, it is important to distinguish that there are vaccines that require a 1-time or a 2-time vaccination.
People who have had a PCR-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection are also considered fully protected immediately after the 1-time COVID-19 vaccination. This 1-time vaccination should be given approximately 6 months after diagnosis or recovery.