Covid vaccination @ GSI/FAIR

There will be two dedicatedcirculars for the vaccination phases, after which registration for vaccination phase B will be possible.

As it is unfortunately not known how much vaccine GSI and FAIR will receive each week for the planned vaccinations, a multi-phase vaccination procedure (vaccination phase A, B1 and B2) was developed.

First vaccination doses are expected from calendar week 23.

Vaccination phase A

The strategy is to vaccinate the following persons (groups) first in vaccination phase A:

  • Persons who are needed on campus and whose absence would affect operations (beam time, research, infrastructure, FAIR construction site) (e.g. operators, necessary shift and on-call participants from all areas, experimenters, necessary security functions, maintenance of a minimum administration...).
  • People who have many contacts on campus and whose risk of infection is thus significantly increased (e.g. user help desk, workshops...).
  • This concerns about 200-220 people
Vaccination phase B

Vaccination phase B is divided into two parts:

  • For phase B1, only those GSI and FAIR employees who have worked less than 50% of their working hours in the home office in the last 3 months can apply for an appointment.
  • In phase B2, the remaining employees of GSI and FAIR, regularly attending external companies and visiting scientists can apply for an appointment at GSI.

Individual registration is possible in two sub-phases via impfen(at) There will be two dedicated circulars for the vaccination phases, after which registration for vaccination phase B will be possible.

However, the order in which appointments are allocated depends on the relevant age group in both B phases:

    ≥ 60 years
    ≥ 50 years
    ≥ 40 years
    ≥ 30 years
    < 30 years

General rules
  • The external partners of GSI and FAIR are equal to colleagues employed by GSI and FAIR in terms of vaccination order.
  • Mainly mRNA vaccine will be used, so there will be 2 vaccinations. These will also be offered in pairs. It is not intended to get only the first or only the second vaccination.
    •  An exception to this are those who have recovered, who can register at the earliest 6 months after their recovery including their documented positive PCR test.

Status of 11 June 2021

You will receive an Outlook appointment invitation for your vaccination appointment. Please confirm this immediately. This will also contain all the important information about the place where the vaccination will take place and which documents you should bring with you, completed. These are:

  • Information sheet, please bring two copies.
  • Informed consent form and medical history form
  • Vaccination certificate
  • If applicable, your documented positive PCR test result.

Please arrive on time for the vaccination appointment, not too early and not too late. At the reception/registration, please hand in the above-mentioned documents. These will be checked for completeness and given back to you.

Afterwards, you will be sent to the vaccinating person. There you will hand in the documents again. After the vaccination you will receive your vaccination certificate and a copy of the information sheet.

After the vaccination, please wait 15 minutes. This is the recommended follow-up time.

You will receive another Outlook appointment invitation in good time for the 2nd vaccination appointment. Please bring the following documents with you to this appointment:

  • Information sheet (from the 1st vaccination)
  • vaccination certificate

People who have already had a Covid 19 infection only need one vaccination. Therefore, there is no 2nd vaccination for them.

Unfortunately, a comprehensive vaccination discussion cannot take place at the vaccination appointment itself. For this purpose, please use the hotline of Medical Airport Service (our company medical service).

Status of 11 June 2021

Medical Airport Service has introduced a hotline where you can call with any medical questions regarding the Covid vaccination and vaccination education.

The hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 08.00 - 12.00.

Telephone number: 06151/7805478