Eduroam / DFN-Roaming at GSI

GSI is participating in the eduroam network via DFN. University and research facility guests can access the Internet via WLAN using their corporate accounts. GSI employees can use their GSI Web Login Account (PROZ account). Guests who do not have such access can apply for a WLAN guest account.

Conditions for the use of eduroam

  • The facility you visit is participating in the eduroam network
  • You need a valid corporate account with one of the participating facilities


Maps and lists of eduroam members:

Configuring Eduroam

If you need assistance with configuring the PEAP or EAP-TTLS/PAP access at your computer, use the link list at the bottom of this page. There you can find instructions for the configuration on different platforms.


  • Instructions for iPad
  • Instructions for Linux
  • Instructions for MacOSX
  • Instructions for Smartphones
  • Instructions for Windows (German only)

Manual Configuration

The TeleSec CA certificate is available to you. 

For devices for which the instructions above do not work, or if someone wants to configure the connection manually, here are the necessary parts:

  1. The new Telesec Root certificate can be found via this link, "TeleSecCA".
     This must be available in the certificate store for WLAN. You may have to install it (mobile phones) and save it for WLAN use or simply download it (laptop).
  2. Select "PEAP" or "TTLS" for the authentication method.
  3. For Phase 2 authentication, select the "MS-CHAP v2" method.
  4. The user name consists of your Weblogin-Account, followed by "", f.i. "". (Although this might look like your mail address - it is not!)
  5. For anonymous identity you can enter anonymous(at) or just leave it empty.
  6. The password is the weblogin password, which is also required for PROZ, DIO, GSI-Service-Portal.
  7. For the CA certificate you select the "TeleSecCA" certificate mentioned in point 1.