IT training classroom


If you want to use the IT training room for an event you organized, please contact  the IT secretariat's office via e-mail.

The IT training room SB3 1.239a is located in the south building directly behind the user room 1.239 and is locked by default. You will receive the key in the UHD during opening hours.

Please clarify any questions regarding technical equipment or its usage in good time before your event. The best way is to send an e-mail to it-service or for media technology to video-service.


In the training room are:

  • 16 PCs for the participants
  • 1 PC for the teacher
  • 1 beamer

When starting the PCs, the desired operating system Windows or Debian Linux is selected.

The Linux installation corresponds in version and scope to the central login node Individual software installation on the computers themselves is not possible on Linux.

On Windows, the standard software is installed in advance (Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Visio 2016, LibreOffice, SAP). If required, the software center is available for further installations. Graphic-intensive software such as CAD programs (Catia, Autocad, etc.) is not supported because these are standard PC1 devices. The standard language is German, but it can be changed to English for the operating system and the office package.

If you need additional software, please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance. Please create a ticket in our ticket system windows-service or linux-service. In this case you assure that the license conditions will be respected.

The teacher's computer is already connected to the beamer, alternatively a notebook can be connected via the cable provided. The corresponding switch must also be switched.

GSI staff can log on with their Windows or Linux accounts and have access to the internal GSI network. Alternatively, local user accounts with restricted access rights are available for Linux. In this case, the data are stored only temporarily and are no longer available after a restart.

You need to select the desired operating system (Windows as well as with Linux Debian) at startup. The Linux system will be reinstalled after every restart of your system. For Windows, only the standard software is pre-installed. If additional software is needed in the training, please contact us at least 1 week in advance. Create a ticket in our ticket system via windows-service. In this case, you are responsible for ensuring that the license terms are complied with.

The instructor‘s desktop is already connected to the projector, alternatively a laptop can be linked via the dedicated cable. The corresponding switch must also be switched over.

GSI employees can log in at the training computers with their own Windows or Linux accounts with access to the internal GSI network. Additional local Linux accounts with restricted permissions are available.

Free network access ports at the work stations enable GSI employees with registered laptops to connect to the internal network, guests can only enter the Internet.

Use of own IT equipment

The free network connections at the workstations are configured in such a way that GSI employees are authenticated into the internal network with a registered notebook. However, we recommend the use via WLAN.

Never disconnect existing cable connections.

Guests can only use WLAN after prior registration in the UHD. The free network connections cannot be used for their devices.


If you are the moderator and will be using the room for the first time, we recommend that you spend some time in advance to familiarize yourself with the local conditions.

Please leave the room as you would like it to be. At the end of the day, switch off all devices (beamers, PCs and monitors).


The schedule can be viewed via the calendar in the Exchange. Instructions and further information can be found on our website.