Configure X-Win 32

Install X-Win 32 on your Windows PC

X-Win32 allows you to access a linux host from your windows pc. If you don't have this software or the latest version of it on your computer, you can install it by yourself.

Depending on whether you are using Windows 7 or XP, run the installation by following these steps:

  • Windows 7: Start Search type Software Centerstart Software Centerinstall X-Win 32 xxx

 Configure X-Win 32

GUI session

Configure your sessions via Start - Programs - XWin32 20nn - X-Config

Use tab Sessions, click the Wizard button:

Enter the hostname After the authentification with your user account and password use the command :

- /usr/bin/startkde  (kde session)

- /usr/bin/konsole -ls  (window for Console)

- /usr/bin/xterm -ls  (window for X-Terminal)

- /usr/bin/startxfce4 (XFSE session)

Start X-Win 32:

If you have configured different types of sessions (GUI, console, xterm) this symbol appears in the task bar:

You are able to switch between the various sessions.

If you want to use eyery time the same session, you should save this at Autostart:

Console Session

For usage a console you should follow the instruction:

call X-Config and choose Assistent

Host: can be chosen freely

Typ: ssh - Next

Host: Please specify either or a particular Linux machine.

Note: lx-pool is much better than a special lxi... machine because of this machine is not ready ....

Login: use your Linux account

Password: your Linux password

Button: Next

KDE session:

Command: /usr/bin/startkde
Button Finish

Save the configuration and close the window.

Xterm Session

To configure your xterm session just follow the steps for your console session, only change the command line to: /usr/bin/xterm -ls