Configuring Samba

How to use Samba to exchange files between Windows and Linux.


  1. Linux-Account: If you still need this account, please contact our User Help Desk.
  2. Samba-Account: This account will be created by yourself following the instructions.

Linux users should use the information provided on this site: Linux-Wiki

Windows users: How to create a Samba account

Log on via Secure Shell Client: StartProgramsPutty.

If no Putty is installed, you have to install it before. You find the program in our Software Center.

If you have the software successfully installed, call it  and follow the instructions below:

  • Hostname:
  • Username: <Linux-Account>

Enter your Linux password. You may get an RSA key message, in that case accept the RSA key. Now you can defining or change your Samba password:

  • New SMB password: 
  • Retype new SMB password:

Important: The name of your Samba account is the same as your Linux account, but they will handled independently, also the samba password is different to the linux password.

Set or change your Samba password

If you want to set or change your samba passord in a linux terminal window, you must type:


ssh <Linux-Account>

Connection to Linux files via Windows Explorer

Map network drive:

  • Tools - Map Network Drive

Enter the following information:

  • Drive: <letter of your choice>
  • Folder: \\samba\<Linux account> resp. \\\<Linux account>
  • Folder: \\samba\web-docs resp. \\\web-docs  (web-docs of the Linux account)

Choose "different user name":

  • Username: gsi_campus\<Linux account>  
  • Password: <Samba password>

Click on "OK" and "Finish".

More information about usage of web-docs

If you have any further questions or remarks, please contact it-service.