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IT Security

Welcome to the pages of IT Security.

What you can find on this website


- including video and e-learning -

How to identify forged emails and websites and how to protect yourself.


Personalized attacks

- including video -

How to detect more complex, personal attacks via mail or telephone.


Handling emails

How to identify trustworthy emails.



Contacts of the staff of the IT Security department. 



- including video -

How to choose good passwords and how to store them securely.


Behaviour in the workplace

- including video -

How to secure your workplace with just a few simple steps.


IT Security Glossary

What is Brute-Force or a Denial-of-service-attack?


About us

What we do and which topics we can help you with.




You can also visit this website via the address www.gsi.de/en/it-security.



You can contact us via mail to the IT Security Department